Mobile Remote Check Deposit

One of the most attractive features of the bank’s Mobile Banking App, FMB1919, is the convenience of the Remote Check Deposit feature enabling you to securely deposit checks with an authorized Mobile Banking App device, including the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad Tablet, or Android Phone. 


It is user-friendly and easy to use, and the bank securely delivers check image deposits taken from your smartphone/tablet camera to your account through the use of high-level encrypted file transmissions while protecting your financial information.

In the Deposit Menu Selection,

  • Choose the designated account that you desire to make a Remote Check Deposit into
  • Enter the amount of the check
  • Take a Photo of the endorsed check (Front & Back)
  • Submit for deposit and receive corresponding confirmation

The deposited funds will be reviewed by the bank and deposited to your account. The deposit will be credited to your account on the next business day, for all Remote Check Deposit transactions executed prior to the end of the bank’s business day, 3:00PM (EST). Please retain your physical paper check for up to fifteen (15) days after your deposit has been credited to your account. After fifteen (15) business days, please destroy the check.

Mobile Remote Check Deposit enables you to deposit certain checks into your deposit accounts. All requirements and obligations in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Deposit Accounts relating to checks are applicable to your use of Mobile Remote Check Deposit. You must be enrolled in both online and mobile banking services to use Mobile Remote Check Deposit. The mobile device used must be capable of capturing electronic images of the front and back of checks and transmitting the images to the bank. Mobile Remote Check Deposit is a banking convenience provided to our customers and Farmers and Merchants Bank reserves the right to discontinue your Mobile Banking and/or Remote Check Deposit use for any or no reason at any time.

Deposited Checks using Mobile Remote Check Deposit must be drawn on United States financial institutions. The following are examples of ineligible checks: IRS checks, savings bonds, foreign checks, insurance checks, and third-party checks that are payable to anyone other than the Account owner. You must endorse each check before depositing the check using Mobile Remote Check Deposit. All signatures and information on the check must be true, authentic, and authorized. You agree that you will not attempt to make duplicative deposits using the same check.

All check images must be legible and accurately depict all features and fields on the front and back of the check. Farmers and Merchants Bank has the right to adjust the amount of any deposit based on our review of the image. We will not be liable for any problem resulting from a check's poor image quality or for any inaccurate information you supply regarding the check. An image of a check shall be deemed received when you receive a confirmation message from the bank that we have received the image. Your receipt of this message does not mean that the transmission was error free, able to be processed, complete, or that funds will be credited for that check. You can determine whether your check was successfully processed by logging into Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to review your transaction history. You may also contact Client Services at 410-517-3065 or by e-mail,

Farmers and Merchants Bank reserves the right to change the time period in which funds are made available to the account designation following a Remote Check Deposit using Mobile Banking, if we determine or have reason to believe that a transaction may be subject to fraud or illegality, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for Deposit Accounts, or as otherwise allowed by Applicable Law.

Farmers and Merchants Bank establishes daily and monthly deposit limits that apply to the dollar amount that may be deposited using Mobile Remote Check Deposit.

Mobile Remote Check Deposit limits are as follows:

For deposits made using Mobile Banking Remote Check Deposit:

  • Daily deposit limit: $1,500.00
  • Monthly deposit limit: $ 7,500.00

You may deposit up to twenty (20) checks using Mobile Check Deposit each statement cycle. Farmers and Merchants Bank reserves the right to modify these deposit limits and the bank may also impose different deposit limits for certain customers. If you attempt to make a deposit in excess of the deposit limits, the bank may reject your deposit. If the bank permits you to make a deposit in excess of these limits that deposit may be subject to extended availability restrictions, and the bank will not be obligated to allow such over-limit deposits at any other time.


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